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N ame : Yaniv abraham   D ate Of Birth : February 6th 1981
A ddress : Neve Zedek 1, 65154, Tel-aviv, Israel   M obile : (972) 52 5323592
E -mail :   F ax : 972 4 9523087

Professional experience

2010-Present : Artistic Director of the DanceWorkshop Ga'aton-Matte Asher Dance School.

November 2012 : Danced with Choregrapher Noa Zuk (a former member of the Bat-Sheva dance company) for her projects " Certain Up Festival" and " International Exposure " .

February 2011 : Taught "Gaga" for the company "Carte Blanche" in Bergen, Norway .

July-December 2010 : Danced for the chorgrapher Gili Navot in her piece "Check-in". The piece was created for the "Uurtain-Up Festival" in Tel-aviv at the Suzanne Dellal center and was chosen to be performed at the "Israeli International Exposure Festival" .

February 2003 - july 2010 : Dancer/Soloist for the Bat-Sheva Dance Company. Artistic Director : Ohad Naharin .

  Performance Credits:

    "Virus","Mamotot","Three","Telofaza","Furo","Max","Hora","Project 5".
     Repertory created by the house chereographer Sharon Eyal:
     "bill","Makarova Kabisa","Bertolina","Love"
     Guest choregrapher: Mats Ek - "A Sort Of"

June 2001-February 2003 : Member Of The Bat-Sheva Ensemble" Dance Company.

   Performance Credits:

     Ohad Naharin: "Camuyot","Kir","Zechacha","Dancing Party","Decatalon","Passomezo".
     House Choregrapher Sharon Eyal : "After Love".

Choreographing Experince :

2013 : "somersault",created and performed this solo for the "Tel-Aviv Dance Festival" project and the "Machol Lohet Festival" at the Suzaane Dellal Center. Also performed this piece at "Dance Makers" in Amesterdam during the intensive "july Dance" and at "MDF" in Reggio Calalbria-Italy.

2013 : "Jhon", created for the students at the DanceWorkshop Ga'aton.

2012 : "Land Lake", created for the students at University of Florida.

2011 : "Wierd", created for students at the University of florida. This piece was a winner of the ACDFA conference and was performed at the Kennedy Center in the United States.

2011 : "Bow", created for the students of the DanceWorkshop Ga'aton.

Works created for the annual event "Bat-Sheva Dancers Create":

2010 : "Four What"
2009 : "Samanta"
2007 : "Irresponsible"
2006 : "Tik Nikoyim"
2005 : "Bubble"
2004 : "Tera"

Grants and Awards:

2004 and 2005 : Recived a grant from the "American-Israeli Foundation" for Young Promising Dancers.

2002 and 2003 : Recived a grant from the "Sharet Foundation" for Uprising Talents.

   1999 -2001   : Recived a grant from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education for Excellnce and Achievement.

Teaching Experince:

Certified "Gaga" instructor
Experience teaching professional dancers as well as non-dancers. Taught at the Suzzane Dellal Center in Tel-Aviv and other locations across Israel. Taught Gaga Abroad for sereval prefossional companies such as : "Carte Blanche","Mark Morris","Cullberg Ballet","Grand Ballet de Canadian","Ensemble Bat-Sheva" and "Bat-Sheva Dance Company".

Experience teaching master classes of "Gaga" and Ohad Naharin's reportory in Israel and abroad in Australia-Sydney,Melbourne,Singapore,Japan-Tokyo,Russia-Moscow,St.Petersburg,Serbia-Belgarde,Germany-Berlin,Wiemar,France-Montpelier,Touluse,Spain-Valencia,Seville,Barcelona,Italy,New York - "Bam","JCC" Los Angeles,Ohio-Columbus,Cleveland,North Carolina,Durham-"ADF",South Carolina-Charleston,Washington DC,England-London,Scotland-Edinburgh and others.


January 1999-June 2001 : Studied in the DanceWorkshop Ga'aton.

performed repertory of : Mats Ek,Jiri Kylian,Rami Be'er,Daniel Ezralow,Emanuel Gat,Nir de-Volf and Martin Corri(NDT).

1993-1999 : "Karmi Machol Karmiel" folk dance Company, and youth folk school.

Kibbutz Ga'aton Western Galilee 25310 Israel, Tel: 972 4 9858437, 9859868

Fax: 972 4 9523087, E-mail: